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Oakland Running Festival 2018

I hold the Oakland Running Festival very dear to my heart! It was my fourth consecutive year running and my third year as a race ambassador. It was also special because it was Michael's first time running this event and my dad's second year running the half marathon. What better Sunday could I ask for than running on a Sunday with my two favorite men on the planet?!

They changed the course this year due to the Oakland A's and the Warriors playing. The course prior was very hilly, but gave an awesome tour of allllll of Oakland, whereas the new course was flat! This time it went out toward Shoreline Park and along the Bay Bridge Trail, which was my go to running route while I was living back in the Bay Area. Overall, it was a great course and a beautiful sunny day!

I was feeling great the entire race, up until mile 25 when we were running through Lake Merritt. We were coming downhill on a narrow dirt trail and there was Kaiser's cheer station, cheering on both sides of the trail so you can imagine how cramped it was. I was running a little too close behind the girl in front of me. She ended up getting her foot caught in a pothole and fell.... And I couldn't react quick enough so sure as hell, I fell right on top of her. Imagine a baseball player sliding to the base. Exactly. I did my best not to fall on my face and protect my noggin, so I got bruised and cut all over my right knee, thigh and palms. Can you imagine taking a fall like that so close to the finish line?! The lady who fell ended up being okay and I ended up finishing the marathon strong!

A great picture of me after the fall! My palms were bleeding so I wasn't able to make a fist

I can't wait for next year!

Michael & I at the finish

My dad with his beer!


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