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My Monday Matcha Latte

With marathon training (120 miles in January), work, classes and everything in between, I definitely need a pick me up during the day! I love #ancientnutrition new Keto Elixir. The matcha is packed with coconut MCTs, collagen pepties, ashwagandha, chaga and acacia fiber. And yes, it's keto friendly :)

Iced Matcha Latte Recipe #1


-1/4 water

-3/4 almond or oat milk

-1 scoop of @ancientnutrition Keto Matcha Elixir

-Pinch of cinnamon

Iced Matcha Latte Recipe #2 -Ice

-1 cup almond or oat milk

-1 scoop Ancient Nutrition Keto Matcha Elixir -1 tsp honey

Another fun idea would be to freeze your milk of choice to make ice cubes for you latte :)

Ancient Nutrition just released their new Keto Elixirs. On top of their matcha, they also have a cocoa and cold brew elixir! They're both delicious and you can just do 1 scoop with a 8oz glass of water :)

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