• Morgan Jaldon

Kodiak Cake Waffles and Pancakes

Runners need their protein! It is what keeps your body healthy under all that strain. It accelerates muscle growth and speeds up recovery by helping rebuild muscle fibers that are stressed during a run.

I'm five weeks out from The Oakland Running Festival Marathon. I've been happy with this training cycle. I've been consistent, cooking at home, and incorporating biking, swimming and yoga. The recipe is so easy to make! Here ya go:

You can make waffles or pancakes. I'm a waffle person :).

-1 cup Kodiak Cake Mix

-3/4 cup almond milk (I used almond milk)

-1 tbsp coconut oil - 1/4 cup chia seeds

-1/4 cup dark chocolate chips

-few walnuts, sliced banana and maple syrup for topping

Stir all ingredients until the batter is combined. Grease your pan or waffle iron. Cook until golden brown.

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick recipe!

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