• Morgan Jaldon

Global Running Day with The Westin

Happy Global Running Day to all my runners and friends! Wow, it's been a great five years and counting of running. It has been three days since I conquered Ironman! My body feels great so I decided to celebrate Global Running Day with The Westin in Seattle. I brought Lynn along on the early morning fun! We met with the Run Concierge at The Westin lobby at 6:30am. Everything was decorated with bright yellow. I actually learned that if you stay with Westin, the Run Concierge is always available to go on a run with you on Wednesday mornings at 6:30am. They have 3 and 5 mile loops so you can run like a local. This service is offered at most Westin's which I think is pretty cool. You can find out more here.

We went on a three mile run with the Run Concierge. We did a scenic route of Seattle's downtown and waterfront. It was great. We were welcomed back at the hotel with refreshments and smoothies. What a great way to start a Wednesday right?! Here's some photos for your viewing pleasure.

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