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April Running Challenges

We have made it to April! I have been working from home since March 5, 2020. I wanted to take the month of March to slow down since I won't be training for anything and focus on what I can do with my platform. I've decided to host two running challenges during the month of April. I haven't had a hard time keeping myself motivated for runs/ rides, but I want to build a community where you all can access that motivation too.

I'm hosting an April Running Challenge with my friends at Philz Coffee. Philz, in my opion, is the best coffee in the Bay Area. Back when I was living in the Bay Area, my mornings consisted of teaching a Flywheel class, heading to Philz Coffee to sit for 30 minutes to enjoy my coffee and an avocado toast, then head to work. It was the best routine. When I moved to Seattle, I would order so much of their coffee to be shipped. I rarely go out for coffee here.

All you would have to do for this challenge is follow me (@mojaldy) and follow Philz (@PhilzCoffee). I wanted this challenge to be a bit more accessible for everyone so all you have to do is post a photo to your Instgram Stories and tag me (@mojaldy) and @PhilzCoffee of your activity. Now, this activity can be running anywhere. Are you taking a jog around your block for ten minutes? Do you want to show me your running view? Are you running on a treadmill? Up and down your hallway? In your backyard? I want to see it! And I want everyone else to see how available movement is. You just have to be creative. At the end of April, I will randomly select one person to win some goodies from Philz Coffee. So it helps if you're a fan of their drinks. It's a simple challenge. You can find everyone's IG Story submissions on my Instagram highlight reel.

My second challenge is what it is-challenging. I've partnered with one of my favorite actors, Theo Rossi, to challenge our friends to run 100 miles in the month of April. We both understand these times are unique, but we want to keep everyone inspired. I know how important running is and how staying active can really help in a time of stress, but public health should always be a priority.

Here are some tips if you do decide to run outside:

1. ALWAYS listen to you body. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, do not run and follow the Government's self-isolation advice. 2. Don't overdo it. Pushing yourself too hard can lower your immune system, making you vulnerable to illness- so definitely lower your internsity.

3. Stick to quieter trails/paths/roads that you can access from home. Try running early in the morning (I go out just before 7am) or later in the evening rather than peak times. Stay away from the busy areas too.

4. Be mindful and respect the importance of social distancing. Always stay at least 6 feet from other people. Cross the road if you need to or pause and wait for people to pass if necessary,

5. Have fun and be responsible Run alone, because we are all in this together!

I will be hosting this challenge on the Nike Running Club App. Feel free to add me, Morgan Jaldon, and I can invite you and your friends to the challenge. At the end of April, I want you all to feel good about the miles you've accomplished.

If you do participate in either one, please tag me so I can share it. I absolutely love seeing my friends, family, friends of friends, and coworkers staying active. Please reach out with any questions.

Happy Running!


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