Everyone needs a coach. We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.– Bill Gates

Running is open to everyone. It doesn’t require a specific body type, just a heart that knows there is more.​

What you NEED to know:

  • You must be results oriented and ready to do the work. No- This doesn’t mean you need to be running 6 min miles, it means you need to be open to adjusting your run/walk pace or trying new things to get to your goals.

  • The “I would but” mentality is going to be checked at the door. 

  • You’ve got to communicate. I’m invested in you once we begin this relationship, but I am not a mind reader!

What to expect: 

  • Online training platform to record runs and how you felt

  • Customized training plan (built around your life, your goals, your body)

  • Guidance on running nutrition, form, stride, cadence

  • Providing drills to improve your running form

  • Checking your training logs and providing feedback

  • Altering your training schedule because LIFE happens, but we will still be moving towards your goal

  • Guidance on pre-hab, cross training and coming back from injuries

  • Overcoming mental hurdles

  • Providing mantras and mental tips to get you through slumps

  • Someone in your corner from start to finish​

Is a running coach worth it?

One of the mistakes I often see is people believing they need to be  a certain pace before getting a online running coach. When in fact, we tend to benefit most when we’re undertaking a new journey.

It’s not right or necessary for every runner.

But it is valuable when:

  • You get injured or burned out with every training cycle

  • You have goals but keep coming up short

  • You need accountability to show up for yourself (though you always do for others)

  • You have questions!! (You need advice on warm ups and cool downs, etc.)

Ready to get started?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because change doesn’t happen over night there is a 3 month minimum commitment to the online running coach program.
If this all sounds good to you, please fill out this form.
Why not use a Garmin Coach or free plan?

Listen I’m not going to knock free tools, ever. But the problem is they aren’t customized to you. They don’t take in to account your schedule, the types of runs you enjoy, when you happen to get sick or need vacation.

There’s no one around to help you adapt the plan, to build in the strength exercises that will keep your IT Band from flaring up. An online running coach is truly going to walk you through every phase of training and be invested in your success. 


Personalized intensive 1-to-1 coaching is right for you if if you know that running is about more than simply one foot in front of the other. We're going to to massage your attitude until you find the joy in running again. We’re going to slowly tweak your nutrition until you feel 100%. We’re going to implement little changes that make you stronger, faster and injury free. We will find that runner’s high you’ve heard so much about and finish week after week with HELL YEAHS!  Give yourself the gift of believing in your potential.

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