To start, here are five interesting facts about me:

-Born in San Francisco, Ca, raised in Vallejo, Ca and now I am currently living in Seattle,Wa.

-I played the piano for 15 years, but I am quite shy about it so you will probably never see/hear me play.

-I was never active growing up. I dreaded physical activity until after college.

 -I have a 65 pound English Bulldog who I adore.

-I love coffee. When traveling, the two things I strive for is a good run and good coffee.

I am a Digital Content Creator through my personal platform and work with brands on a consulting basis for various product launches through creative campaigns. I started running to lose weight after college and I ran myself down 60+ pounds. Since then, I have ran 20+ marathons, 2 ultramarathons and an Ironman. I've worked with brands like ASICS, Liv Cycling, Garmin, Nike, The North Face, Victoria Secret Sport, Virgin Sport, Nuun Hydration, Good Wipes, and many more.  I was an indoor cycling coach at Flywheel Sports and now I'm a certified Running Coach through Road Runners Club of America.

As a coach-
I'm basically on a mission to uncover and ignite the runner in you! I have poured thousands of miles and hundreds of hours of research into comprehensively understanding all it takes for you to run strong, safe, and supported.  

If you're a brand, agency, or company wanting to work with me-

I want to take a moment to set expectations and share my values.

  • I believe in inclusion and diversity. Diversity of thoughts, ideas, of people regardless of their race, sex, color, language, disabilities, sexual orientation, religion, or age.

Here are some questions I ask you as a brand/ company who want to work with me-

  • What are your values and commitment to diversity and where is that information published on your website?

  • What steps have you taken to create more diversity and inclusion in your marketing campaigns?

  • Are you actively creating a safe space for BIPOC employees to lead and have conversations without it affecting their job security and position?

  • What are your brand's views on the LGBTIQIA community?

Thank you for stopping by. If- after reading my values- you'd still like to work with me, please email me at


For coaching inquires: Please use this link.

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